Services We Provide

CARES will provide services to the following:

Screening Centers
> Provide clinical consultation 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist with the evaluation, assessment and disposition of individuals with MI/DD.

> Facilitate admission to Trinitas’ specialized unit for individuals with MI/DD.

> Follow up within 24 hours on clients discharged back to the community.

> Serve as liaison between screening centers, provider agencies, families and treating practitioners.

Psychiatric Hospitals
> Assist psychiatric inpatient unit with discharge planning, transition back to the community; training of staff and helping clients maintain good coping and self-management skills.

> Facilitate community re-integration through post-discharge follow up IDT Meetings or Project ECHO Review.

DDD Provider Agencies & Other Service Providers
> Provide crisis support and consultation when a consumer presents with behavioral crises that jeopardize safety or may result in loss of residential or program placement.

> Assess situation, develop and oversee an action/treatment plan in order to lessen crisis acuity.

> Assist Provider Agencies in identifying potential problem situations with individuals and develop a plan to address specific situation.

> Consult with agencies to provide guidelines for environmental, staffing and program supports of behaviorally challenged adults.

> Work alongside providers to develop a realistic plan based upon agencies’ resources and consistent with agencies’ philosophy and mission.

> Assist agencies develop their capacity and expertise in order to best support consumers with mental health needs and behavioral challenges.

Education and Training
> 12 Specialized Curriculum Project ECHO Training on timely and relevant topics specific to the MI/DD population (no cost).

> Bi-Weekly Project ECHO Interdisciplinary-team review of high acuity cases and tele-mentoring to service providers.

> In-service and case-based trainings offered to mental health providers, DD agencies, families and caregivers upon request or in response to an assessed need.

Families and Caregivers
> Assist families access relevant mental health and behavioral services to best address the needs of clients.

> Psycho-education to families regarding signs and symptoms of mental health and behavioral disorders.

> Help families develop an appropriate Intervention plan.

> Work alongside families on treatment plan and utilization of tools/resources to prevent re-occurrence of crisis situations.

Mental Health Agencies and Partial Care Programs
> Assess clients and assist in treatment planning.

> Provide clinical targeted trainings, recommendations and case-specific intervention.